“Goldy has always been able to provide great advice and suggestions on a variety of health-related issues, from recommending oil of oregano for sore throats, to Vitamin B for more energy. She always seems to have a natural remedy to try. Talks with her have saved me numerous trips to the doctor!”

J.S., male, age 41.


“I got from Goldy a lot of useful information about diet. One advise I use a lot – replace morning coffee with Yerba Mate. It does not affect my stomach, but give as much energy as coffee.
Goldy suggested using “Digest a lot” supplement enzymes. This supplement allowed me to drop my anti-acid medicine I was taking daily.
Every time when I am too lazy to run or go to gym, I remind myself about Goldy’s sport habits and feel ashamed. It helps me to keep moving.”

N.L., female, age 48.


“We would like to thanks Goldy for introducing us to healthy food, supplements and detox diet. The feedback and support that we received was very helpful and inspirational. For instance, she suggests us to take one week detox diet every year and we feel it is a great way to start the spring season in gear. We shed our winter weight, feel lighter and healthier.
Goldy is a caring, knowledgeable and professional nutritionist. We look forward to reaching our future health goals with her assistance.”

L.S., female, age 48.
I.S., male, age 48.


“I only have good things to say about GoldeNature’s services. It’s so easy to get relevant information and so quick and convenient to order supplements.
Goldy is my walking encyclopedia. Every time I have a question about food, natural products, supplements, or exercises Goldy has a detailed answer for me. She has a wealth of information and delivers it in laymen terms. I also enjoy her periodic emails that she sends about different topics that are always packed with great information about new products, detox diets, immune system boosters, and much more.
I would highly recommend Goldy’s services to anyone who is looking for diet advice and supplements. She will recommend to you what you need, order for you and deliver in a blink of an eye. It’s that painless!”

S.D., female, age 26.


“I have tried many different vitamins and supplements over the years and have had very mixed results. However, ever since I’ve started using products from Goldie (Golden nature) I see a real difference in my health. I think there are several reasons for this.
Firstly, the products offered by Golden Nature are researched and carefully curated to the very best quality – i.e. only the best in class for each category is chosen. What that means is that the brands and products I’ve tried are well regarded by both physicians and dieticians and very effective with real health benefits. For example, I used to have very low levels of vitamin D, especially in the winter. Since I’ve started using liquid Vitamin D from Golden Nature, my D levels have been excellent at every test.

Secondly, I find that the supplements are very easy on my body and much less likely to cause unpleasant side-effects than the average supplement I used to buy from the store. Some of the supplements are actually a delicious treat! My very favorite is the iron supplement which tastes like blueberry shake! This is very important because it means that I actually take the supplements regularly rather than just keeping them on my shelf.

Thirdly, I found Goldie’s advice very helpful. She uses evidence-based approach and focuses on supplements that are known to work. Additionally, she does not overwhelm me with pills. I am able to focus on my biggest health issues first, and once those have been addressed I can move on to the next problem. I find that moving slowly and checking often is a key to lasting health benefits.

I am very grateful to Goldie for the tremendous work she has done in improving my health in a way that is pleasant, painless and very effective. Thanks a lot!”

K.K., female, age 48.


“As I know you and I know that you never giving advises if you are not sure. So I really trust you! You listen to my concerns with a lot of attention and all you suggestions helped me. Thank you!

I resolved my concerns with your help.

Your recommendations are very very professional.

Base on all my experience I can highly recommend you.

Just want to say Thank you for you patience and professionalism.”

A.V., female, age 50.


Some recipes and food combinations that you suggested helped me find new healthier meal options. There are plenty healthy recipes out there, but when you get a specific answer to your situation, it’s very helpful, thanks!
The Multi Vitamins you gave me helped a lot with the after birth hear loss issue. It took some time, but in a month or so there was a significant improvement.
I am “pro healthy lifestyle” and your tips, suggestions and help make me want to maintain the healthy lifestyle, look for healthier solutions and stay updated.

Y.K., female, age 31.


“You gave us professional advises about my daughter diet.
Your recommendations were professional and simple to follow.
We would recommend you to others. We feel that you gave us very good advises.
Thank you for all your help.”

I.V. mother of the client.


“I was a bit apprehensive when I first decided to see a nutritionist, but Goldy was so warm and understanding that I quickly became comfortable. She was caring in her advice and extremely flexible in her recommendations. I would definitely recommend her to others!”

A.V., female, age 25.


“Being generally healthy and physically active person, I rarely visited doctor office (mostly annual checkups), and never paid much attention to the alternative medicine and/or supplements. I accepted that I have a flu when it gets colder, and maybe some occasional skin irritation issues at times. However after I turned 40, I noticed some little signs of wear and tear, and I was unsure how to address them with my family doctor. My skin irritation got worse (I invested in a good humidifier for the winter season, and kept windows open – all that helped but not much), I felt more tired after work and my annual flu season got longer, with the recurrences at times. On top of that, I was always alert due to my family’s history of the prostate cancer, and when I found myself waking up every second night I realized that something needs to be done.

So, still not a believer, I turned to Goldy and shared my concerns with her. She worked with me and proposed specific, well tailored natural remedies to address both specific and also more generic issues and concerns of overall health and energy.

After 3 months (no, it does not work overnight!) my concern over prostate issue disappeared. I was happy to see it go well, but it could not beat my skepticism yet. Then I realized that my skin irritation waves were gone. And my flu season got well transformed into ski season all winter long. These were facts. And that was not all. I noticed that now I have more hours in an average day. I am more active than before, I can do more and physically I am more active and fit than 10 years ago.

And yes, I would definitely recommend Goldy’s to anyone who wants to save on an extra visit to the doctor and more importantly to improve the quality of his/her life.”

A.S., male, age 49.


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