Quick Slim Fix: Get the Extra Push You Need To Lose That Tough Weight!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling pretty good now that summer is rolling around, but you would really like to lose some of that stubborn winter weight!
  • You try to eat healthy, but your metabolism keeps letting you down: you simply cannot eat what you want and still have a flat stomach with little to no exercise.
  • You love shopping, but thinking of buying a bathing suit is a stressful experience: you might not like what you see in their mirror while trying on that cute bikini…
  • So you begin to face the difficult fact: Maybe you gained some weight exactly where you HATE to gain it: the hips and waist!

And you know all the steps you need to follow to look the way you like! After all, it seems so simple: a little more exercise, stay away from sweets, no eating late meals, etc…

You know all of that, and yet you tell yourself you’ll start soon, BUT each time there is some reason that prevents you from actually doing it.

Likely, what you need is just a little push to commit.

That’s what my QuickSlimFix program is about!

It’s easy, healthy, and allows you to eat a lot of what you like; there are almost no restrictions from what you already eat and do.

And the amazing part is:  I promise you, you will lose weight!

Here are what other participants say about this program:



How Does It Work?

Majority of people either consider supplements a magic pill or the exact opposite: just waste of money, as they think supplements do nothing for them.
As a Holistic Nutritionist I believe in a good diet and I am not a fan of taking lots of supplement. At the same time right use of supplements is very beneficial.
While researching how to boost the metabolism, I checked a lot of methods and supplements to support these methods.
There is no “magic pill”, and some really good supplements might not work on their own.

That is why I built the Quick Slim Fix package around two high quality supplements. In addition to the supplements this package includes a detailed meal plan and a follow up program in a private secret Facebook group.

My Quick Slim Fix  is a 3 week, easy to follow, almost no restriction weight loss program. It’s a perfect fit for you!

In the Quick Slim Fix package, you get everything you need to lose weight and feel good.

Quick Slim Fix Package includes:

  • 2 high quality supplements, proven to reduce cravings and increase your metabolism
  • A detailed 3 Week meal plan magnet to stick on your fridge
  • eBook and printed packages included, containing delicious, simple and easy-to-make recipes
  • Delicious healthy snack samples
  • Quick Slim Fix video with instructions and tips for success in the program
  • Membership in a private Facebook group
  • My full support via Facebook, email or phone

We Start June 13!

The Quick Slim Fix package price is CAD $159 + tax.

Just fill in your details below and I will call or email you back. I will answer all the additional questions you might have, sign you up and accept the payment (eTransfer, cheque, cash or credit card).



Once you buy the package, you get access to my Quick Slim Fix Facebook group that allows you 
to participate for FREE next time. 
You will only pay for the supplements.

And if you’re still not sure this is the program for you because:

  • You are afraid of a 3 week commitment,
  • You might have events during these 3 weeks or have plans eating out,
  • You just don’t like restrictions,
  • You don’t believe you’ll get any results,


Simply read this Q and A from past participants of my Quick Slim Fix program. I take care of all those concerns.


Q: How can I fit in 3 weeks with no events and not eating out?

A: You don’t need to! My 3 week program is not a hard-core diet. You will definitely be able to eat out and attend events.

Q: But I cannot limit myself from food I like for 3 weeks!

A: You don’t have to. The program has almost no limitations.

Q: I eat pretty healthy, and I think I can do it on my own.

A: I’m sure it’s not the first time you tried to eat healthier, do all the right things, BUT it’s very difficult to make it last. And if that has been the case, there’s nothing with you! It’s extremely hard to limit yourself and do everything on your own. However, it is so much easier to do it in a small group, with guidance and some push. Also, some high quality, proven supplements help tremendously! The combination of push, guidance, group support, along with a couple of supplements, can work miracles!

Q: I’m already doing all that: I eat healthy, I avoid junk food, I exercise. Why do I need any program?

A: Let me ask you a question. How long you think that can last? It’s very hard to do things when you don’t have a completion date. My program is 3 weeks long. It is realistic and doable. After that, you’ll be able to happily follow the healthy habits you’ve learned, while setting aside other habits that have held you back. And this is absolutely fine! Even just by learning ONE healthy habit, you’re doing yourself a huge favour!

 Q: How much I will lose?

A: The majority of my clients lose 5-6 pounds.


If you have more questions you can talk to me: 416-4599786 or email me: goldenature@gmail.com