Husband’s Revelations…


I am going to share with you my husband’s revelations. But no worries, kids also can read it, it is all just detox-related.

Orthography of the author is preserved.

“I did few detoxes in the past, and every time there was a First Day After. After 5 days the journey was over, and i had my expected mix feeling of the relief and being proud of myself (i did it!),  after looking at myself in the mirror with a bit of “I like what I see”, after even enjoying sipping slowly my first cup of coffee, appreciating every sip of it…I was routinely and diligently summarizing my 5 days experience in fb posts.

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No Time For Healthy Habits?


Whether for a New Year’s resolution, or a desire to rejuvenate yourself with the coming of spring, you’re likely to feel ambitious, set goals to meet, create new habits, as well as try new things.

Have you ever heard this advice? “Eat more veggies, eat less sugar, drink more water, exercise more, and sleep more”?

How many times have you decided to live healthier life?

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