It Used To Be So Easy To Lose Weight But NOT Anymore…


This is what I hear so often:

“I gained so much weight just over the last year! I used to be slim!

It used to be so easy to lose weight… just skip one dinner, jog a couple of mornings, and I’d be back to myself”?

And even if others tell you that you look great, I know exactly what you mean!

After all, I’m in the same boat. Many people tell me – “You are so fit!”, and yet only I know how I feel about that extra layer around my waist. I see it, feel it and HATE it!!! They think I am overreacting but I am not, it is really how I feel.

And why it is happening? It is not because you are less disciplined, or cannot stop yourself from overeating; and no, there is nothing wrong with you!

The reason is that after age 35-40 (everyone is different) metabolism slows down. Does it mean you just have to accept it or try to limit yourself even more?

No, it does not mean there is nothing to do. And if you limit yourself too much you will get the opposite results like gain weight even faster.

It means you need a different approach.

So… what to do about it?

#1 Get rid of toxins that prevent you from losing weight. The liver is an important fat burning organ. If your liver is overloaded with toxins the fat will start to build up under the skin as belly fat.

Try to do a cleanse twice a year during Fall and Spring.

If you are not part of my Goldenature Detox Week Facebook group, you are welcome to join it for free. Next detox will be in Fall 2016.

#2 Supplements.

Majority of people either consider supplements a magic pill or the exact opposite: just waste of money, as they think supplements do nothing for them.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I believe in a good diet and I am not a fan of taking lots of supplement. At the same time right use of supplements is very beneficial.

While researching how to boost the metabolism, I checked a lot of methods and supplements to support these methods.

There is no “magic pill”, and some really good supplements might not work on their own.

That is why I built the Quick Slim Fix package around two high quality supplements. In addition to the supplements this package includes a detailed meal plan and a follow up program in a private secret Facebook group.

My Quick Slim Fix is a 3 week, easy to follow, almost no restriction weight loss program. It’s a perfect fit for you!


Because with a well-balanced, easy-to-follow meal plan, it ensures long lasting results, and at the same time, naturally gets you into healthier lifestyle! In fact, your own body’s metabolism gets so much of a boost and encouragement during these 3 weeks that you will feel fully on track during the summer!


For more details – check out the Quick Slim Fix Details

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