I AM GUILTY… Join me in getting back in shape!


I hope summer was fun for all of you, but unfortunately, now it’s over.

Time to get back to school, back to work, back to a healthy routine!

It’s a perfect time to start your new healthy lifestyle!


I just came back from Israel, and had an amazing time there, but oh, boy, do I feel guilty!

My sister has even threatened to post pictures of what she found in my fridge on my FB page!

What can I do? I loved that pita with za’atar (*gasp* not even whole wheat!) soaked in olive oil. I love their ice cream! Also…Burekas?!!

Not everything was that bad though: the mediterranean diet includes a lot of veggies and fish. At the same time even with all my swimming and running around I did gain a couple of extra pounds.


Well, time to take the journey of getting back in shape!

There are couple of things I need to do to attack these unwanted pounds.

And they are: 


Getting back to better eating patterns


I have decided to follow 2 specific habits that are great for weight management, and to give up just one thing I really like:

Habit #1 Get to bed earlier

This is my biggest problem. Since my kids were babies I cannot understate how enjoyable free personal time is once they are in bed! It has been a long while now, yet the habit to prolong this enjoyable time is hard to beat. Actually, the last couple of days it was not much of an issue, as I am still fighting jet lag. Maybe it will help me break the habit of staying up late.

Early to bed is really a great habit;

  • it supports healthy nervous and immune systems,
  • you get more energy after good night’s sleep and will look rested,
  • you lose weight while you sleep and,
  • you are away from the fridge, with all its temptations

Habit #2 No Late Eating

Getting to bed earlier will help me with that. I have decided no dinner after 7 pm. If I missed it – too bad, I will have some yogurt or hummus with veggies instead.

Give up the ice cream!

I was not too crazy about ice cream until I tried this one from Lithuania (Dadu Vanilla Ice Cream in Wafer Cup)… Brings back Russian “plombir” memories! Well, healthiness must override my ice cream cravings!


Fall 2016 Detox Week

If you don’t know what I’m talking about – visit my GoldeNature Detox Week Facebook Group , ask to join and hang around until you decide if you want to dive in and do our awesome 5 day refreshing body cleanse.

We already have a date: October 31!!

Mark your calendar and don’t plan any big events during week Oct 31 – Nov 4.

And what is after Detox Week?

You will feel so good with your flat stomach and energy boost! This will last for some time for sure, but how can you keep this amazing feeling even longer? After much research, I have a great solution! Don’t Worry, I’ll tell you all about it as we get closer to Detox Week!


Are we on the same page?

Let’s keep in touch!

I will post  on my FB page more details on what is really working for me and I will be happy to see your comments or personal messages with your questions or suggestions what works for you.

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