Husband’s Revelations…


I am going to share with you my husband’s revelations. But no worries, kids also can read it, it is all just detox-related.

Orthography of the author is preserved.

“I did few detoxes in the past, and every time there was a First Day After. After 5 days the journey was over, and i had my expected mix feeling of the relief and being proud of myself (i did it!),  after looking at myself in the mirror with a bit of “I like what I see”, after even enjoying sipping slowly my first cup of coffee, appreciating every sip of it…I was routinely and diligently summarizing my 5 days experience in fb posts.

I was doing it detox after detox, but this time, during my first after breakfast routine, i realized i wanted to share with you something different. instead of telling my day by day story (“day two. hard”. “day four. feeling liberated”), i wanted to tell you my journey from my first detox to the one we’ve just finished together with many of you. Why have I started doing it? Why am I continuing doing this?

First time I did it simply to support Goldy. I was not sure I need it,  if it is good for me, or if I ever will do it again.

I did it again.

And again.

And here i am. Reporting. I learned throughout the entire experience (that now spans over few years), that every time I emerge First Day After much slimmer in all the right places, 2-3 kg lighter and re-energized. More importantly, I appreciate  more and more the natural taste of food, with less salt and less sugar. My body knows now that it is better to avoid late night snack for the benefits of better sleep, better look and better me. I know now what my body really needs, and what is just an unnecessary excess. I will still enjoy some treats and gourmet food, but I will stop myself at right time when I might eat just because some food is at reach and not because I am really hungry. Which is not necessary at all-you-can-it buffet or in all inclusive resort, but most often when I am in my own kitchen or sitting on the coach and watching TV.

And one more thing. as it is almost anything in life, detox event requires a preparation, both mental and material. This time I had no head aches, no lack of energy, and most amazingly, not a killing desire to get my first normal breakfast on First Day After.

  1. To get prepared, we spent more time planning, shopping, cooking. As the result, we got more variety of ‘detox compliant’ food, and enjoyed eating it the whole week. This early prep also saved some time during the week, as detox food often requires more time and effort than normal day’s food. We rediscover a lot of vegetable treats and cool food combinations, and the real taste of it. And we were not hungry at any time.
  2.  Our past experience helped us to analyze what brought us slightly down on first or second day of past detoxes. As most likely for us it was an excess of caffeine and sugar (and alcohol), so we started to reduce these one week in advance. We did not hard stop it, so we let our bodies and digestive system to adapt. During the detox, we did stop doing some physical and sport activities, but we did not push our bodies to the limit. We replaced some weight exercises with yoga, running/jogging outside, since weather started to cooperate.
  3. And most importantly, we supported each other, shared recipes and thoughts, and gained the moral strength thought out this very rewarding experience with all other devoted Detoxers!”

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