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For people who have decided to take good care of themselves, who want to solve some annoying health issues naturally, to have extra energy, and to look younger without losing too much of their precious time in the process.

When you decide to do something for yourself- to make some lifestyle changes or deal with non-life-threatening, yet annoying health issues – that’s when you will need some direction and help.


Read this note before you continue: even though I love helping my clients, I can only take care of you when and if you are ready.

If you have made the decision to live a healthier life and are motivated to take the path to a healthier you, I am here to support you.

Three Key Points to Ensure Your Success:

  1. Realization. You have to realize there is an issue and you are tired of it. If you tried a conventional way of dealing with the problem and it did not help, involved too many side effects, or kept coming back, you know it is time to do something different. You also realize that it is a win-win situation as you will gather some good healthy habits and learn a lot about yourself and your body.
  2. Determination. You already know what concerns you need to address. You have decided on making some changes to become a healthier you. You know it will require some effort but you are ready for that.
  3. Commitment. The most difficult part is done and the decision is made. Now you are ready for the changes and you are motivated to make them.

If you analyze any of your achievements, you can confirm all of the above is true.


Ready to get rid of frequent colds, herpes outbreak, allergies, itching, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, eczema, dull hair, brittle nails and much more – naturally?

And not just that: you will also feel better, look younger, be happier and as a result will be more successful in all you do.

Here’s what one of my clients said:

“We would like to thanks Goldy for introducing us to healthy food, supplements and detox diet. The feedback and support that we received was very helpful and inspirational. For instance, she suggests us to take one week detox diet every year and we feel it is a great way to start the spring season in gear. We shed our winter weight, feel lighter and healthier.

Goldy is a caring, knowledgeable and professional nutritionist. We look forward to reaching our future health goals with her assistance.”

I.S. & E.S, ages 48 and 47

 What makes me think it will also work for you?

My successful clients share these qualities:

  1. They are curious.
    They want to understand what’s going on with them. They want to know how taking antibiotics may lead to stomach issues and why they feel more energy after they detox. They ask questions.
  2. They value their health.
    They care about themselves. They want to have not just a long and rich but also a healthy life. They want to have energy to travel when they retire or they want to go back to school and have a memory like their 20 year old buddies.
  3. They are willing to try something new.
    If vitamin C does not help preventing the cold they are open to try not-too-great-tasting oil of oregano and recover within hours.
  4. They trust me.
    They know I take things seriously, I learn all the time, and I care about them and they follow my advice.

If you also share these qualities, then you can succeed. I am confident saying this because after taking care of individual clients, talking to my colleagues and friends and consulting Health Store customers; I know what works and what doesn’t.

So, if you are still with me, let me invite you to:

The Personal Nutrition Program

To get the results you want takes more than just a couple of occasional chats. I am going to help you in putting steps together to achieve your goal.

Once we define the program, we need to talk continuously during the first three months to make sure the program is best adjusted to meet your needs.

How do we create the Personal Nutrition Program for you?

The process involves:

ü  completing a short questionnaire

ü  15-30 min chat over the phone or Skype to better understand your concerns, habits and goals

ü  60-90 min discussion  where I introduce your Personal Nutritional Program including diet plan, supplements ,and lifestyle adjustments*

ü  Scheduled bi-weekly follow up during 3 months

Unlimited email or phone calls support during 3 months

We all are very different however most of clients start experiencing positive changes after 2 months (assuming they follow the recommendations of course!)

“…So, still not a believer, I turned to Goldy and shared my concerns with her. She worked with me and proposed specific, well-tailored natural remedies to address both specific and also more generic issues and concerns of overall health and energy.


After 3 months (no, it does not work overnight!) my concern over prostate issue disappeared. I was happy to see it go well, but it could not beat my skepticism yet. Then I realized that my skin irritation waves were gone. And my flu season got well transformed into ski season all winter long.  These were facts. And that was not all. I noticed that now I have more hours in  an average day. I am more active than before, I can do more and physically I am more active and fit than 10 years ago. “


A.S. age 49.



Of course, this is a serious commitment to your health. By joining this program, you are, in fact, saying that you want to be in a better place with your health and well-being; you want yourself to be stronger, healthier and feel and look younger.

Your Investment in the Program

The cost for this program is $180 including the three months support period.

So, are you ready to take action and commit to improve your health and lifestyle?

<button here> Join the program now!
After clicking, you will be redirected to the payment page, once you complete the payment, you’ll get an introduction email and we will set the first conversation.

You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

 Still Not Sure? Try!

If you’re not happy, you’ll get your money back.

100% money back guarantee*


*After our first 15-30 min chat over the phone or Skype if you decide not to proceed,


At the end of the three month period if you are not happy, assuming you followed the Personal Nutrition Program recommendations and answered all my follow up emails.


Wait! There’s more! If you sign up for the program, you’ll get these additional bonuses:

ü  Free samples from the best supplement brands I work with

ü  Free informational webinars

ü  Discounts in purchasing supplements from the brands I work with

ü  25% discount on any future consultation

<button here> Join the program now!


Feel that you’re not ready for the personal program yet?


Send me your question and after a basic assessment I will send you an email with my recommendation on some essential steps and a list of supplements if required.


<button here> Apply for free assessment!


“Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.”

—Virgil Garnett Thomson


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” – Mark Twain

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