GoldeNature Fish Event

Looking for high quality canned fish directly from a fishing boat off the BC coast? 

We are taking orders for the canned fish for our GTA friends & clients!

The fish is caught wild in Canadian West Coast waters. The fisherman is the owner of a small fishery where they process and can fish they just caught.

It is a rare opportunity to know where exactly the fish is coming from. And because it is so fresh and clean, it tastes so much better than any other canned fish you have tried before!

There is a wide selection of wild ocean waters catch: variety of canned salmon or tuna, plain or natural wood smoked.

We loved every bit of it! We ate it right from the tin can, added it to salads and made some really cool and easy dishes. I am sharing the recipe of Curried Patties – easy to make and so delicious!

Note: As of now this Fish Event is for the GTA area only.

Here is how it works:

  1. Download the Excel Order Form
  2. Fill the form and follow the instructions
  3. We will let you know when you can pick up your order (allow us about 2 weeks from the date you placed the order)

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