Detox Diet Spring 2015 Best Moments

Some of us lived through a very special experience – a week full of challenges, doubts, victories, lots of fun and – most importantly – we did it together, posting daily, and at times hourly, food that we ate and passion that we share.

This is my turn to help us to relive the best moments of the week for these who bravely participated, and tell the others that sure will join us next time, how much fun it was!

Sometime in February it all started.

Goldy was busy with preparations,
and in early March Detox Diet Spring 2015 FB Group was created!
Shortly after, the group of funny vegetables joined the group and started
guiding joining members through the process. One of the members said:
“We have a very organized, motivated and inspired leader. Bravo, Goldy!!”

Some sources say that Fat Tomato was the funniest, but some others disagreed and insisted that

The Eggplant was the main character. Some even were in favor of Three Bell Peppers. (Even though one
of posted recipes suggested to “Cut eggplant into bite-sized cubes and Cut red pepper into bite-sized cubes”
ahhhh…how cruel!

Anyhow, the start was given on Monday, April 13th, and for five long days
the  team of Detox runners started to cook, eat, post and share their recipes and lives!
Some started even earlier, as we read the post from one of our members from the West:
“The sun is arising on the West! Detox group of the west-enders started detox today”


First task was to buy LOTS of vegetables!


First two days were hard on some members. The group was deprived of coffee, sugar, bread, milk…
Some were very creative and found ways to overcome the challenge.
One of members posted the following idea:
“if you miss coffee – use your old coffee mug (the best is the one you take to the car every day) for your
mid-morning snack 2 (water with vitamin C). It smells like a coffee and therefore feels like one,
also helps to reduce a headache (if you got one).”

11074196_10204848320022641_1336105138172138946_o It is just one fruit a day, in the morning…
but how creative the team members were!

 And as the spring weather allowed, we started getting the posts with images
taken outdoor:


 As I have already said, first two days were hard on participants.
Some were feeling hungry. As one of us said:
“Something i didn’t realize before – you need ALOT of veggies”
Others were fighting headaches. “I am hanging here…
I am a little sleepy, hungry and lightheaded. Cannot concentrate on work.
Not too bad, but I wish this day is over.”

Somewhere closer to Day Three (and yes, we know that, this is when your body gets adopted to the diet food pattern) headache symptoms are gone. More and more posts like this one:

“Third day is much easier – no headache , feel better. I am running out of vegetables.
I thought I got huge amount of vegetables on Sunday, but I am out of almost everything already. I am going to store now.”

or “I am on day 3. It is going well. Lost 4 lbs. Usually I have headache and fatigue first 2 days.
This year I stopped to drink coffee one week before this Detox and feel much better now. No any headache at all.”

But this is when some strange, unusual dreams come to some at nights. From the posts:
“Actually I am surprising myself and my family, so much cooking at once and the food is pretty good
(though at night same dream comes to me every time. I see sandwich ;)” or “I dream about cakes”
and this one – “I dream about chocolate and bread!”

11059244_10202939299478320_114017533993239969_n Some recipes are so good and creative that many of us start taking notes for post diet!
Or non participating family members started eating it too, simply because it is tasty!
As one of group members posted:
“Dinner for Day 3, grilled portobello mushroom, spaghetti squash and broccoli.
I didn’t even have to make a different dinner for everyone else.”






While on diet, some mild sport activities are much needed!

detoxdietsportWhile some started exercising, or continue their sport routine, some interpreted
recommendations to stay active in their own way: Let The Dogs Out!

Staying active, mild exercising is good…but good sauna
might be even better!





Day Four – feeling good about myself. I am still more hungry then usual, but it is fine. I can grab snacks .
I do not feel extra light , but I have a lot of energy.”

“Day 4 I was feeling great all day, but was late getting home from work and by the time I cooked dinner I was starving”

And finally…Day Five! “Last lunch for Detox Diet Spring 2015!”

11160665_10153212474179028_3672506710747245135_n And as detox diet week is coming to the end, we see some posts that reflect the experiences of  the entire week :
“My biggest challenge was not having coffee. But after two days I got used to it.
I had a little headache in the second day and it didn’t last long. Overall, I enjoyed this experience.
I can’t lie. The craving to have a bite of the chocolate the kids were having was very huge. But I controlled it. In some what ways I am glad it’s coming to an end. Overall, I learned a lot from this group. Thank you guys.”

“So.. we’re done!
Overall it was easier than i thought. I didn’t have any symptoms except a little sleepiness on the first day and<my husband> had a light headache on the second.
Some of the foods i thought i will be craving for – was no problem to skip at all but the biggest challange was avoiding bread, especially when my son ate it.”

“It was really fun getting updates from everyone doing the DD together! Thank you!”

“This is my second detox so I was better prepared this time, I made sure to have a good mixture of vegis so I didn’t get sick of them.
I didn’t overdue it at the gym but I did go. Although this can be challenging I do feel really good at the end and the 5lb weight loss is an added bonus.
Goldy Thank you for all your encouragement before and along the way. This site was a great idea, I loved reading everyone’s posts and food ideas.”

After loosing all the pounds of my warming layer I am officially underweight (yeeaahhh ) and cold (meh ). I put my warmest sweater and finishing it strong”

“Summary on my experience over the last 5 days. I always tried to stay with healthy eating. But after the last 5 days made me think differently….

I have proved myself that I can live without coffee.It has been a great experience for me and I can’t wait for the next one.”


Group members started sharing post detox recipes and ideas:

“Dreams come true :
Grilled halumi cheese with tomato and basil eggs over easy fruits to keep the basic rules going (rule of starting day with a fruit) and a coffee (you should have seen my husband happiness when he saw that cup of coffee (just for that I am ready to start detox again tomorrow”

“Breakfast – homemade mozzarella with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, olives, homemade rye bread. To complete the joy – cappuccino .”







Overall, it was a week filled with fun, joy and challenge! The results may vary, but sure most, or rather all, emerged with the feeling of accomplishment,lots of great memories and tons of great posts and pictures that are available for everyone here to see.

Some pictures got lots of comments and likes, and I am gladly sharing with you some :







the best






This summary is based on true detox stories, posts and pictures. We made it, and we made it together!
We decided to call this summary Best Moments. Best Moments of Detox Diet Spring 2015, and they are shared with you.
But every moment of that week was a Best Moment. That was a great time and I hope to share more great moments
with all of you, your friends and family members in the Fall!

By Alex Sheinin, participant and husband.

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