Detox Diet Diary – Fall 2014





By Alex Sheinin – participant.

Detoxicators: First Contact


As some of you know, we’ve just survived yet another Detox Diet Week! Oh Boy, What the week we had! And by saying “we” I mean an ever growing family of Detox Diet Team members.


And now is the time to share with you, dear friends (among you very devoted friends of us and our little baby  – ), the story of yours. Since our public portals to the outer World  (website, facebook page, twitter) are just few days old, all the past and present feedback from our dear Detoxicators we received via emails. Most of the emails were sent to us only, some were shared with other DDT members.


Goldy diligently followed up, read and responded to dozens emails – feedbacks, comments, questions as part of her promise to make everyone experience easier than guided tour in Louvre (with no French fries at the end of the trip).


While most of specific questions of a nature “How to…” or “Can I eat something in McDonalds or KFC” were promptly answered and are not of interest to the wider audience, we thought that the feedbacks and feelings expressed in daily emails might provide some clue to what we do, what result to expect if you ever dare to join, and how cool the journey was!


Gavel         True Story Disclaimer

Since notes arrived via private or small group’s email correspondence, real names were replaced by nicknames and some phrases containing personal details were edited or removed.

At the same time, we have not (or almost have not) edited the punctuation and syntax, leaving as it is.


Any resemblance to the real DDT members by portrayed Detoxicators (this to be name for fictitious characters) should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them.


Here we go.


SONY DSCDay 1. Hardest of all. Also raining in some parts of the world.


American Reporter: “Reporting…First Day is almost over, but it did not bring any joy. Heavy head, and I constantly want to eat. Felt nausea all day…”


Pacific Coast Blues: “Hi dear I just hope your first day was better than mine. I started with a bad headache and it doesn’t go away. I was pretty messy with meals timing so the first day is no good for me…The freakin rain is getting worse and worse and stupid raccoons are hiding from it on our tree so our dog is barking non stop. I can make a horror movie…”


Durham Girl: “I am feeling very tired, did you say that was normal?”


Maple Dream: “Headache, feeling tired all day; feeling sleepy…When I feel good – is it just because of sweets and coffee?


quinoa-405538_640 Day 2. Headache gone. Sleep in the parked car.


American Reporter: “Reporting…Headache drops is a great thing. Last evening had a headache, took drops, and it was much better thereafter. Today no headache, feel good, but still want to eat…”



Durham Girl: “My headache is better today, I got caught up on sleep. I am still a bit sleepy today but not too bad. I took a rest day from the gym.”


Partner in Crime: “I had some minor headache on Monday AM and this morning, but generally feeling well and ready to go till the end of the week.”


Maple Dream: “Hello Today  is  quite  better,  as   the   night  sleep  worked  well and   I  managed a   15 minutes  nap  right in car in  front of  my office:)

I  believe  we were  very  hungry  yesterday because  we…ate  just a  cup of  grains  and   2  cups  of  steamed  veggie  for the whole  day  yesterday , and  sincerely  that  was tough .

Hope  the  stomach will shrink  and   will not  ask for  bigger food intakes for  a while  at least.”


getty_rf_photo_of_roasted_veggies Day 3. Some recipes, some jealousy, some pounds lost


American Reporter: “It is allright. Feeling good, still feel a bit hungry, but a bit less. For a snack I got a soup with veggies instead of just clear vegetable soup, now life is better! I lost 5 pounds in two days.”


OverTheRockies: “Thank you for your kind and supportive message yesterday, and my headache is gone this morning.  It got worse yesterday evening after supper.  Felling a little more energetic :o))”


Durham Girl: “thank you for the weekly meal plan- it looks great. I should

have mentioned that my main goal is to lose weight. I am doing well on the detox- I did feel like I was not going to be able to handle day 2 -LOL- but I managed through it and do feel much

better today.thanks for all the tips and encouragement.”


Pacific Coast Blues: “Hi dear. I believe that <most of> you are well. It is not fair. So here I am with the day 3 of the headache. What is interesting it comes right after breakfast (may be I shouldn’t eat at all ?). Other than that, today I will try to keep up with the timing ( yesterday it took me 2 hours to eat my morning apple, during this time i drove Eric to school and had an appointment with dentist. As of recipes, i found one that looks good but I haven’t tried yet. The one that made my dinner great was kyle and spinach slightly sauteed with butter mix and garlic – just yamm. It went to addition to the half of baked potato. It was when my headache was gone…so I enjoyed it even more. Freaking headache, grrrrrrrr. And yes, I drink like crazy….”


Russian_borsch Days 4 and 5.  Keep going!


American Reporter: “Reporting..flight is normal, feeing well, less want to eat. Question – after the diet – what should I drop from regular menu to get less toxines? Not to waste this week’s effort…”


OverTheRockies: “Today I feel like I hit a home getting to Day 5 on this DETOX plan.  I feel really good, and notice more energy during the day, and no bloated feeling.  I started the week thinking it would be easy, but instead I found this a tough challenge for me.  I experienced increased crankiness, food cravings, and a nasty headache.  Knowing others were on the same journey made me push forward each day.  My headache on Tuesday became intense, but no headache since.

One change starting tomorrow in my eating habits will be adding more vegetables to my plate at dinner.  It is remarkable how eating so many vegetables this week made me realize how good they are to eat on their own.  I will be adding light condiments to my vegetables, olive oil, fresh herb, and lemon.  I will also lighten up on salt from now on…

Thank you for your supportive messages all week – it helped stay focused.”


gg60749984After Diet. Survivors. Reflection Time!


Cake Man: “Thanks for the support and the guidelines

2 first days I had a slight of a headache but that was it

I can’t say I have enjoyed the meals but it was OK

I lost 2 kg and I am grateful for that”


L4J Couple: “First: I liked this diet and ready to go for another day.

Second :  As I already mentioned above, I liked it and think I will repeat it in the wintertime too. And may be for 10-14 days

Third : I think THIS IS A WAY of fasting during our christian orthodox Great Lent before  Easter.

Fourth: If its not for this diet, I would never  discovered how hooked I was on chocolate!

Fifth: fourth and fifth day I had enough energy to do more “hardcore “ fitness, than just jogging and yoga .

Sixth: I found the the sleep time shortened after the third day and still gave me enough power during the day.

Seven:  We cleared all the veggies from our fridge before leaving for vacation!

So all in all it was pretty eye–opening experience for me”


.American Reporter: “My summary: It was my first diet even, believe it or not. I was very stressed out in the beginning, but I survived.

I felt miserably first two days – I was very hungry and just was hoping the day would end soon. The good thing – I lost 5 pounds during these two days. On the third day I started eating much bigger quantity of food, especially for breakfast and lunch.  It helped a lot. I stopped being hungry. Difficult part for me was to survive without coffee – driving to work was a challenge.


Overall  – I lost 5 pounds, I did not feel usual heartburn during this week. I did not get any light feeling or extreme amount of energy by end of the week. Things were just as usual.

 I liked a lot your support. It was nice to get your promptly response on my first day when I felt bad. Great suggestion about White Willow drops – I’ll keep using them when I have headache.”


Mom of Four: “Its been exiting to be part of your detox team. You provided a lot of info ahead of time, so for me as a first timer – it gave a head start to prepare mentally and gave me time to buy staff I did not have handy. I am generally very “health” conscious but am running a household of 6 people with 2 teenagers and its extremely hard to pull things together especially if its only for me. What I found to be most difficult is variety of foods to eat and I would REALLY welcome recipes for a yummy vegetable broth.  

My secret for this detox next time and what works for me best is the fact I love raw vegetables and usually am OK to have 2 salads a day. I survived 2.5 days. I broke the rules in the afternoon of day 3 mainly because my vegetable broth was not good and I did not prepare a salad. Also I baked a lot of sweet and regular potatoes and ate them for lunch for the previous 2 days and did not want to eat them again on day 3. I guess a lot of the success depends on preparation and variety of food available. Thank you for all your support!”


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