How To Turn Water Drinking Into Habit

Healthy looking skin and hair? Proper digestion? Natural detoxifier?

The answer is WATER. Our body is more than two-thirds water, and we need to keep it hydrated.

There are many reasons to drink more water like toxin elimination, healthy blood and bones, lubricated joints, proper digestion, alertness, healthy skin and much more.

But what if you don’t like plain taste of water?

Do you find it difficult to fit those 6 or 8 glasses of water into your busy scheduler?

Watch the video below and get some ideas how to drink more water and how enhance the taste of water.


Need Some Extra Pounds?

Most people struggle to lose weight, but a significant minority has the opposite problem. model-313394_1280

if you are in that group, you know the feeling. People are jealous of you that you can eat everything and yet not gain any weight. They hate you when you say you are actually trying to add a couple of pounds.

Let me tell you – despite being in the minority, you are not alone.

If you are generally healthy and want to gain some weight to look better and feel stronger here are some ideas:

1) Never go hungry. If you are busy and have no time throughout the day, make sure you have a snack on you. Pack a Multigrain sandwich, trail mix (mix of nuts, seeds and dry fruits), granola bar, or a fruit with you.

2) Don’t have your meals on the run. “I have no time” is a lame excuse. Find time to sit down and enjoy what you eat. Don’t forget to chew properly.

3) If you can, try to increase your portion just a bit. If it does not make you feel heavy after the meal then you can increase a little more.

4) Include more of your favourite foods into your diet. Hopefully your favourite food is nutritious so you can enjoy it and get the health benefits.

5) Find the ways to increase your appetite. Listen to your body as we are all different. Find what makes you hungry. For example, some get very hungry after an oatmeal breakfast, or an apple or after exercising.

6) Never chase empty calories. Don’t sacrifice good eating habits even if you end up consuming  less calories.


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