Husband’s Revelations…


I am going to share with you my husband’s revelations. But no worries, kids also can read it, it is all just detox-related.

Orthography of the author is preserved.

“I did few detoxes in the past, and every time there was a First Day After. After 5 days the journey was over, and i had my expected mix feeling of the relief and being proud of myself (i did it!),  after looking at myself in the mirror with a bit of “I like what I see”, after even enjoying sipping slowly my first cup of coffee, appreciating every sip of it…I was routinely and diligently summarizing my 5 days experience in fb posts.

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Lessons Learned After My First Detox

It happened about 7 years ago.



I was likely going through some kind of midlife crisis, life felt quite stagnant, and I was in desperate need of change.

What do people do in such situations?

First, I tried to shop my problems away. However, as for most people, “retail therapy” only briefly helped. It just wasn’t enough. So, next I went to the hairdresser to completely change my hairstyle.

I don’t remember what haircut or colour I got at that time, but I do remember the life-changing event that happened to me while waiting at the salon.

I was quickly scanning through the magazines when I ran into an article titled: “Perfect Detox in 7 Days: Do You Want To Recharge and Feel Like New?”. Of course, this was exactly what I wanted! I was so intrigued by the detox, that I was able to overcome my doubts (“What if I fail and my self-esteem gets even worse?” What if I’ll react in a weird way? What if I find out I don’t like veggies as much as I thought I do?).

Pushing all doubts aside, I just decided to go for it!

Here are some daily snapshots of my thoughts as I climbed into this uncharted territory:

Day One:

Excitement: “I am doing it!”. Not hungry at all, love the veggies! Best sleep ever.

Day Two:

Minor headache, some tiredness. Still like the veggies; maybe I’ll have soup for dinner instead of the same lunch veggies. That would be nice variety. Still sleeping great.

Day Three:

I feel a lot better, headache is gone, energy is back! Did I say I liked veggies before? Hmm… Not so sure…

Day Four:

I am flying! Feel light, but with so much energy! I thought I loved sweet potatoes… Never imagined they can be that disgusting. Lost 2 pounds. Great sleep.

Day Five:

Feel great physically and mentally. In an amazing mood! However, the food is starting to get to me. I cannot think about another steamed dinner. Seriously.

End of Day Five: It’s the weekend. I’ve had to make the conscious decision to stop; I feel the weekend is ideal to allow myself to shake up the routine by enjoying some healthy non-detox food, and to prepare my healthy menu for next week.


Overall: It was a great experience. I felt light, full of energy, recharged, my body felt clean and renewed, and I was proud of myself for diving right in and doing it! However, I felt that the whole experience could be greatly improved.

I came to the conclusion that I definitely wanted to try this again.

…But would I do it the same way it was originally presented?

Soon after my first detox experience, I decided to pursue a career as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I went back to school at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and learned a lot about a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle with a focus on body detox. I have researched many detox programs and devised one that was best tailored to my needs.

I’m sharing with you the key findings that changed my detox program from good to great (and continuously evolving, thanks to constant participants’ feedback, and my continuous research):


  • The weekend is just not a good time to observe a detox. 5 days is the perfect time!
  • Baked veggies are just as healthy as steamed veggies, with the key advantage being that they just taste so much better.
  • Variety is the key. Having same lunch and dinner for 2 days in a row is not a great idea.
  • It’s so very beneficial to reveal your cravings to yourself; “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster” – Sun Tzu
  • Mild exercise every day like light jogging, yoga or swimming is crucial.
  • Planning, planning and planning. If planned well, you only need to cook twice a week with some minor additional cooking.
  • It’s great to have some support, and not to be all on your own (That’s why my detox has a growing online group, sharing pictures and daily stories and having fun together!)
  • Extend healthy eating habits beyond your five days of detox! I gained some new habits like drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, and having some delicious fruit before breakfast!  Lemon water is good for the liver and supports healthy digestion. Fruit is recommended to eat alone, and having it 30 minutes before breakfast gives you needed energy, and also helps with digestion!

Based on a lot of research and experience, I have created my own detox program that is more effective and fun.

As I wanted to involve people from all over the world, I have built a facebook group called ”GoldeNature Detox Week” . As a group, we detox together twice a year during Spring and Fall seasons .

If you want to give it a try, I am happy to invite you to join my GoldeNature Detox Week group. Enjoy the experience, get healthy, and have fun!.

Detox Diet Spring 2015 Best Moments

Some of us lived through a very special experience – a week full of challenges, doubts, victories, lots of fun and – most importantly – we did it together, posting daily, and at times hourly, food that we ate and passion that we share.

This is my turn to help us to relive the best moments of the week for these who bravely participated, and tell the others that sure will join us next time, how much fun it was!

Sometime in February it all started.

Goldy was busy with preparations,
and in early March Detox Diet Spring 2015 FB Group was created!
Shortly after, the group of funny vegetables joined the group and started
guiding joining members through the process. One of the members said:
“We have a very organized, motivated and inspired leader. Bravo, Goldy!!”

Some sources say that Fat Tomato was the funniest, but some others disagreed and insisted that

The Eggplant was the main character. Some even were in favor of Three Bell Peppers. (Even though one
of posted recipes suggested to “Cut eggplant into bite-sized cubes and Cut red pepper into bite-sized cubes”
ahhhh…how cruel!

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Watch This One Day Detox Diet Video – No More Fears and Concerns!

Do you have the fear that Detox Diet will be too hard for you?

Not sure how your typical detox diet day will look like?

To help you get a better picture, a team of talented producers and actors has created a One Day Detox Diet video for you.

The Detox Diet Spring 2015 starts on April 13.

You will get for FREE:

  • Instructions on how to do your 5 days of detox (one week in advance)
  • A shopping list of what to buy before you start the detox (one week in advance)
  • My support, access to the group members to share ideas, recipes, concerns and success (starting  now and during the detox week)
  • Chance to win a cool prize at the end!


The Detox Diet Spring 2015 facebook group has been created for you.

Enjoy this healthful fun experience with the other members of the closed group.

And now enjoy the video 🙂





What Detox Diet Really Does For You?


Winter slowly but surely going away… But are we really full of energy and looking forward to spring and summer? Are we still fighting winter blues, tired, have lots to do but don’t feel like doing anything? Did we gain couple of pounds because it was just too cold and too dark to exercise? Did we indulge our sweet tooth instead of going out for a walk?

I have to confess: normally I am very dedicated and I go to gym, no excuses! But this winter not sure why… I was skipping gym too often. I had a lot of plans and ideas but was watching stupid soap operas instead!

So now I want to get back on track with the help of Spring Detox Diet!

I want to feel my stomach flat again, I want to have more energy to do things and use that momentum to continue with good eating habits.

Oh, and I also want to look good at the beach during our Costa Rica retreat!

I am sure you can relate to all I just said. If so, why don’t we all roll the sleeves and start? Detox week is a great way to leave winter with extra pounds, low energy and dark moods behind!

And there is more to it. The feeling of being proud of yourself because of the accomplishment.

We are all different and these 5 days will be piece of cake for some and quite challenging for others. But after that we will all feel that amazing taste of well completed task!

As one of my Detox Diet Fall 2014 team members wrote in her testimonials:

“I started the week thinking it would be easy, but instead I found this a tough challenge for me.” And then “Knowing others were on the same journey made me push forward each day.”.

Isn’t it great?

Join the Detox Diet Spring 2015 facebook group, and let’s have fun together!