Another Way to Enjoy Your Greens

How often did you hear “eat your fruits and vegetables!”?


Probably hundred of times –  we have to get enough vegetables in our diets to keep us healthy.

We all know that…

–        Fruits and vegetables taste good, provide you with the energy, and help with proper digestion.

–        They also help preventing some serious diseases  like stroke, high blood pressure and cancer.

–        Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is your easy path to keep yourself healthy.

But what less obvious is,

–        What does “a lot” mean?

–        How much is one serving?

–        What are “greens”?

–        Hey, how can I eat’em that much, or when do we need supplements?


What Does “a lot” Mean?

More than most North Americans consume. The average North American gets a total of just three servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The latest dietary guidelines call for five to thirteen(!!!) servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

This does not sound very clear, does it? To make it a bit easier to understand I put together what a serving and a cup means.

There are a lot of excuses and reasons why our diets lack veggies. Some of us just don’t like them, others live in countries where local produce is only available for a couple of months a year.



If you have just found out what the recommended amount is and realized you are not even close – consider taking some green supplements.

They are usually called “greens” and there are a variety of ingredients and tastes. They also come in a capsule, powder and liquid forms.


Smoothie or No Smoothie?

One of the ways to take green powder supplements is to add to your morning smoothie. But if you are not a smoothie fan this may not work for you.


I do like smoothies but I was looking for another way of taking my greens and I tried adding one scoop of green powder to my gym bottle of water. It worked just great!

First, it gives more energy for workouts because while you drink you right away supply your body with all the good stuff that is in Greens.

Second, not sure about you, but I find it hard to drink plain 500 ml of water during an hour of exercise. When I add Greens to my 750ml bottle, I find it so much easier to drink because of the nice flavour and  a thought of a good I am doing for my body!


Greens Recommendations

Now, if you’re thinking about taking the greens supplement but not sure how to choose the right product for you, I have placed some more info about Greens including link to my favourite one in particular.


And Now Is Your Turn:


Contact me here if you have questions.


Any brilliant ideas of  how to consume more fruits and vegetables? Any new ways of taking greens?

I would love to hear from you – please leave a  comment right after this post.


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