My name is Goldytest 026


I am passionate about everything Natural and this is how my business name came up… GoldeNature…


I have an analytic mindset and that is why I became a software developer first and then a Business Analyst.

At the same time I kept learning and analyzing why, genetics aside, some people look young and energetic while others are always stressed and tired.

My desire to learn more and more led me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN).

After graduating from the CSNN with the Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation, I started practicing by helping people to improve their look and feel.


At one of my Business Analysis training sessions the instructor told me “you should be a very good nutritionist as you are naturally applying your analytic skills to find out the root cause of the health issue and not just dealing with the symptoms.”


What makes me excited the most?

My kids’ achievements, travel with my husband and my clients telling me I helped them!


What makes me different from other nutritionists? I speak three languages: English, Hebrew and Russian so you can chose your preferred language.

Now enough about myself, let’s talk about you.

Do you want to have more energy, make healthier choices, try a detox diet or learn something new about healthy products? I am here for you.


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